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Eco3 Compact Reverse Osmosis System with Tank


£189.95Inc. VAT

Product Description

The New compact Eco3 RO system delivers class performance whilst offering space saving benefits most R.O systems cannot offer.

The system has a unique space saving design which makes it an ideal choice if space is an issue in fitting the System. The Metal wall mount on the back means it can be securely fitted to a work surface and easy be removed of if needed.

The Eco3 Reverse Osmosis system is great for use in residential or commercial kitchens as a source for purified water. The system has a 7 litre storage tank giving you plenty of supply, even for a busy kitchen and the water fills back up when water is drawn out of the faucet tap provided.

An alternative to buying in bottled water and helping with the environmental fight against plastic pollution. The system also helps reduce any microplastics in your drinking water.

Currently £100 off, RRP £289.95!

 Stage1 - Eco3 Carbon Filtration.

Stage 2 -75 Gallon Per Day Membrane.

Stage 3- Eco3 Carbon Block post filtration.



Now comes with a built in leak detector! Not that the system would leak but if it got banged there is a leak device that would shut the water off.

The system is known to reduce a very high percentage of the following plus others.

Aluminum                  Fluoride                         Silica

Ammonium                Hardness 93-97%          Silicate

Bacteria 99.8%+         Iron                             Silver

Boron                         Lead 95-98%                Sodium

Cadmium                   Magnesium                   Sulphate

Calcium                     Manganese                   Thiosulphate

Chlorine 99%+            Mercury                         Zinc

Chloride                     Nickel 9

Chromate                   Nitrate

Copper                        Phosphate

Cyanide                      Potassium

Benefits include:

• 75 GPD
• NSF 58
• Eco-friendly
• Sanitary design - no touching filter media
• Multi Stage Pre & Post filter design
• Several models available
• Water stop valve available
• UV resistant tubing
• Aluminium tubing covers - prevents plastic
tubing fatigue and reduces UV effect on tubing

* Reduces microplastics in water supply

Like on any R.O system a minimum of 2.7 bar mains pressure is needed to function correctly.




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